spiritual outreach through music, workshops and inspirational talks

We encourage individuals to express and explore the connection with their Divine nature.

                          - Rev. Michael Davis and Edward Trout

Rev. Michael Davis

Michael is a 2017 graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and Minister of Music and regular speaker at Unity of Indianapolis. As an Interfaith Minister, he celebrates the similarities of all the faith traditions. “Music can reach you on the cellular level, and can inspire and heal.”   He also describes himself as an actor, singer, songwriter and mystic.  

EdWARD Trout

Ed is a founding member, co-owner, Artistic Director, and CEO of CSz Indianapolis, the home of ComedySportz Indianapolis. He has been working in improvisational theatre as an actor and director for thirty years. Ed is a member of the Applied Improvisation Network and CSz Worldwide. Through CSz Worldwide, he has been certified as both an Improvisational Education Architect (CIE-EA) as well as an Applied Improvisation Executive Practitioner (CAI-EP). Ed lives in Indianapolis where he also is an actor, artist, musician, songwriter, and a frequent speaker at Unity of Indianapolis.

Rev. Michael and EdWARD are available for the following:

  • Music and Message
  • Guest Musicians
  • Keynote Speakers
  • House Concerts
  • Blessings (house, baby, pets)
  • Weddings
  • Celebrations of Life
  • Applied improvisation Workshops.

Rev. Michael and Edward have collaborated for many years as Improvisors, Singers, Songwriters, and Speakers. They enjoy weaving together Inspirational Experiences large and small.

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Upcoming Events

June 13

Edward Speaking at unity of indianapolis

June 20

Michael speaking at Unity of Indianapolis

June 27

Edward speaking at Unity of Indianapolis